AAA Expo – June 13, 2018

We sent our Office Manager, Angela Carrier, and the Owner’s Son, James Wang, to represent our shop at the AAA Expo this summer in Dallas.  The reason we are invited to special events is we are part of the AAA direct repair program, which means we have Frank Diaz, an on-site adjuster who has over 30 years of experience in writing and estimating the damage from countless collisions.  When Frank makes your estimate, it will be directly approved by AAA and a number of other insurance companies, without waiting for another adjuster to make a trip out to the shop.

Angela was able to meet many people that she had been working with for the past two years face-to-face for the first time, such as claims adjusters, total loss department, personal injury, and some managers.

It improves our working relationship with top insurers when we are able to directly represent our work, and all the great services that we provide to our customers.  The AAA agents did not know that we have a fleet of rental vehicles and free loaners here, which means we are able to get our clients back home and on the streets to work in a jiffy.  They were also surprised that we are open on Saturdays, unlike many of our competitors.  Not only can we do a spectacular job on the auto body, we have ASC certified mechanics to make sure all the mechanical aspects of your vehicle will be running smoothly when you get your car back.

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